Sunday, July 1, 2012

Very Important People

[at least that's what our tickets said]

Last weekend our awesome friend Tim got us VIP tickets to the Arts Festival. We had so much fun eating, looking at the booths, and visiting with friends.  Tim carried around the diaper bag so everyone thought he was my baby daddy. He went along with it like a natural telling people how happy we are with our perfect little daughter. Ha!

My sister (click here to view her blog) Jana Lyn, and her husband, Cole, went to New York for a couple days so their 2 daughters stayed at my mom's house. I spent most of the weekend over there playing with Adelaide and Scarlett.

 Conrad and I took Adelaide and Milli swimming. We got an idea of what it would be like to have 2 kid.... lots of work but so fun!  (Hey maybe that will be us in 5 years?!)

After swimming I took the girls to get ice cream. I turned around after about 15 seconds of driving and they were both asleep! They both wanted to hold their own money to buy their ice cream and I told them if they lost it they wouldn't be able to get their ice cream. Adelaide was still holding it tight even in her sleep. 

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