Sunday, January 20, 2013

our wild thing is 1!

Olivia turned 1 on December 31. We had a "where the wild things are" themed party because well she's a wild thing!

Christmas 2012

I love Christmas! I love finding the perfect gift for someone and anxiously waiting to give it to them. This year I had to wait a little too long. I bought almost all my gifts back in September and had a hard time keeping it a secret. but i did it! I gave Conrad a Macbook Pro and I was so excited to see his reaction. I didn't sleep on Christmas Eve. at all. I laid there. and laid there. and laid there. I wasn't sure Christmas morning was ever going to come!

Being Santa was so fun. setting out her little gifts by the tree, stuffing her stocking, thinking of all the joy the next morning would bring. ahhh I wish everyday was Christmas! I was so excited about giving my gifts I hadn't thought about what I would get. Our families are so thoughtful! I cried several times because I was just so happy/surprised. Grandma Jean and Grandpa Merrill got us a journal/history of the Hansen family. I cried. Lissa got us a nights stay at the homestead. I cried. My parents got us a Kirby vacuum. I cried. Lissa also gave me earrings with Olivia's birthstone and I wear them almost everyday. I love them so much. I will remember this Christmas forever. It was so perfect.