Friday, November 8, 2013

Fallin' for Fall

We fell hard and fast for fall. I was dreading summer ending, but Fall snuck up on us and I actually really love it. We have done so much and I know Olivia is enjoying every second.  It's not too hot outside like it has been [& outside is her favorite]

We went to the zoo with some of our best buds, Shannon and Cade! It was perfect weather and so beautiful with the leaves changing.

Olivia painted her own pumpkin with her Grandma Lissa. She was so proud of it. We set it on the doorstep and every time we walked into the house she pointed at it and said 
"Oh-lee-ya Oh-lee-ya!"
[that's how she says her name] 

Olivia went trick-or-treating for the first time this year and loved it! She was our little Livi Lamb. We joked that she was actually a sheep, not a lamb, because she is SO independent. She mostly loved being outside [of course] and the treats were just an added bonus. She was a little hesitant of the strangers that would answer the door and talk to her. She would usually walk to the house and then wanted someone to hold her when we got to the doorstep. We went to my mom's house first and her and Cade got to go trick-or-treating together. My sister made Cade's dinosaur costume and it was so adorable! 
Then we went over to Conrad's grandparents for more visiting and trick-or-treating. 


Here is a little video of her trick-or-treating. A little girl answered the door so she wasn't scared this time.  

Thursday, November 7, 2013

first hair cut

Olivia got her first hair cut today! She is already almost 2 and just barely getting enough hair to actually need to cut it. She did so good! She was a little nervous and whined for a second or two but didn't cry or freak out at all. She has a little bob in the back; it makes her look older and it is so cute! 

Her hair looked so cute after, but of course the second we got into the car....

She messed it up! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Labor Day Cabin Vacation

Over Labor Day we went to my Uncle Dennis and Aunt Debi's cabin. It is one of my most favorite places in the world! I have so many fun and cherished memories from our stays at that beautiful cabin. My favorite memory from this trip was playing games with my dad. He picked me to be on his team while we played Horse Shoes AND a round of Sequence.  I was excited and proud.  I probably shouldn't have been though. My dad is such a good Horse Shoe player he usually picks the worst person to be on his team.  My theory is he feels confident he can still beat the other team even if his teammate doesn't score a single point. I don't care; I was still happy he chose me.

This trip was a little different in that most of the family couldn't be there the majority of the week. Everyone was there the first weekend and then had to leave by Monday. That left my parents, Shannon and Cade, and Olivia and I. It went from a full house to just 4 adults and 2 toddlers. My parents spent a lot of time playing with the kids. They are the best grandparents. I absolutely love to see them with their grand kids.


Olivia loved sitting on the dirt bikes and 4-wheelers, but if you turned them on she was scared out of her mind! 

Friday, November 1, 2013


[As of August 5, 2013]

for our 2 year anniversary we spent the weekend up at The Homestead in Midway. It was so peaceful! It was the first vacation that we've ever been on as just the 3 of us. We spent a lot of time at the pool, enjoying the scenery and most of all each other.

We ate Breakfast at a restaurant right by the golf course. SO PRETTY!

Have you seen the Crater up there?! IT'S AMAZING. it's a natural hot spring surrounded by a rock dome. It stays a warm 96 degrees all year long and is absolutely beautiful. 

For our wedding Conrad's grandparents gave us a gift we can use every anniversary. It has become our tradition to sit down and eat together with our special napkins, table runner, and roman candles. I love it! I forgot to take a picture while we had it set up this year so I just have this picture from after. Notice the pretty flowers Conrad had delivered to my work  :)