Friday, October 18, 2013

On being Mom

My sister, Ashly, is the motivation for this post. Awhile ago she asked me to give her some advice on being a mom for her Young Women's lesson. I didn't really have much advice to give, but I liked that I had a reason to think about being a mom and how important it is to me. I'm learning every single day!  I don't think there is a "right" way to parent. I used to think there was. I think the most important thing a parent can do is love their child unconditionally and let them know they do. Children make mistakes, and so do parents. Learn from your mistakes and don't dwell on them. Don't compare your self to other moms (especially Pinterest moms!)  
Being an adult (whether you're a parent or not) is busy. You have work, house work, crafts, projects, work activities, school activities, church activities, family gatherings, the list is endless. It seems like when you cross one thing off the list you add 3 more. One thing I love about being a mom is being forced to slow down. I'm continually looking through the eyes of my toddler; I try to see what she sees. Olivia notices absolutely everything. Every sound, every speck, every person, every car driving by, literally EVERYTHING.  She relies on me to teach her what these things are. She looks at me and says "EHH?" And I can smile and say yeah! or MMM! or "it's okay." She trusts me. She trusts that I'm going to teach her and be there for her. While I am teaching her I am also learning. I'm learning to be patient, understanding, and loving.
I'm not perfect, but she makes me want to be.