Saturday, February 23, 2013

big kid on campus

Since Olivia turned one it's like she knows she's suppose to be a big kid now. She's not my little baby anymore and even though it makes me sad sometimes it is so fun to watch her grow.  She's just hilarious that one. She's been walking for a month now and I still don't think I'm used to it.  When she comes running down the hall with a shirt over her head? uhhh what is my little baby doing running around?!

The night it really hit me about her being a "big girl" was when I didn't give her a bottle, brushed her teeth, laid her down, put the blanket on her, kissed her goodnight and walked out of the room... and there was silence. No bottle to calm her. No momma to rock her. No crying. She let me tuck her  in and went to sleep! WHAT. Now that's toddler-ism right there. Isn't it? I mean I don't really know I'm a first timer over here but that sounds like a big kid, right?