Monday, July 1, 2013

Sorry for Party Rockin

Conrad's mom and her husband Jeff spoiled us all and rented a beautiful house in Oceanside, California right next to the ocean. the backyard had its own private beach and we were in heaven for 8 days and 7 nights. Relaxing in the sun with family, bonfires on the beach, falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing, waking up and walking outside to see dolphins, surfers, and waves... it was perfect.

I was a little worried about flying with Olivia. If you know Olivia you know she is wild and free and  does not like sitting still. even though the flight was only about an hour and 20 minutes I was still so stressed! But both flights turned out pretty good
 (minus the entire bag of Cheetos she dumped on the floor and the mean flight attendant that called her a boy and said "the juice is pretty sugary--let me dilute first" while giving me a judgmental look)
 I was also worried she wouldn't like the sand. She hates hates hates having her hands dirty and when she gets anything on them she whines until you wipe it off. Well.... I didn't need to worry! These pictures say it all.

We spent a day at the San Diego Zoo. Olivia loved pointing at the animals and quacking at pretty much every single one. I think her favorite was the flamingos.

We also went to the Oceanside street fair one night. That was really fun! We shopped, ate junk food, and Olivia danced to the live band on Conrad's shoulders. 

We went to Newport beach the last day to shop and hangout before our flight.

I am not much of a runner (i'd rather dance) and since Conrad is such a good runner I have always been intimated to go with him.  We went on our first run together right along the beach. We ran from our vacation house to the pier and back. I must say running right next to the Ocean made it enjoyable! All 2 miles of it-- which is a lot for a girl who normally barely makes it around the block.

Now get ready for a picture overload!

Thanks Lissa and Jeff for such a great trip!