Friday, December 21, 2012


The other morning Olivia sat on my lap in the recliner. We were both in our PJs, snuggled under a blanket listening to music on the iPad. We were just talking and dancing when she turned her head and looked at me for a second. Like really looked at me and then she planted a kiss right on my lips. It wasn't the first time we were in that setting snuggled together. and it wasn't the first time she kissed me, but in that moment I felt pure happiness. My eyes got teary when I thought about how much joy I felt in that moment. and they are again right now.

I'm so lucky to have her. being a mom is the best job in the world.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

giving thanks

This Thanksgiving was a year of firsts. It was Olivia's first ever Thanksgiving. She got to eat (almost) all the same food as us and she even got to eat off a princess plate! Luuuucky girl.
It was my first Thanksgiving away from my family... ever. I missed them of course, but I am so lucky to have married into the family I did. I love my Rupes and we had such a fun day full of delicious food and lots of laughter (always)
It was the first time I had a Thanksgiving dinner with less than oh about 40 people there. Ha! My parents both have big families. It was just the 5 of us. It felt weird to not have to wait in line to get food! We probably had enough to feed 40 though and it was gooooood. I even made green bean casserole and sweet potatoe souffle can you believe that?! are you proud?!
It was my first time going Black Friday shopping and actually buying something! When I worked at Skullcandy I always had to work 1 and sometimes even 2 seperate shifts for Black Friday so I never really got the chance to shop. It was fun! I went with Kate. She's the best.

The rest of the weekend consisted of playing and eating. We went and saw the lights downtown and I got to spend a lot of time with the Rupes. I loved it! Poor Conrad had to work so much he hardly got to be with us. He worked from 3:30 am til after 8:00 pm on Friday! Poor guy. He works so hard for us. We love him!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Ariel! You're looking at a HANDMADE mermaid costume. Olivia has the best great uncle ever. He is so talented.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

fallin' for fall

This fall has been so much fun for us! Olivia is at such a fun age and she just cracks us up. I love this time of year and it is only going to get better. I've been so excited for Olivia's first Christmas and birthday. I am already done shopping for her and Conrad and it's only October!

Conrad spoiled me and took me to stay at the Cliff Lodge in Snowbird. His mom watched Olivia for the weekend and it was nice to have some alone time. there was a pool on top of the roof of our hotel overlooking Snowbird. it was so pretty! Then Lissa and Katy came up with Olivia on Sunday and we all went to Oktoberfest. It was so warm and nice! It was a great weekend. I hope to make it a tradition. I really loved it up there.

We took her to the farmer's market at Wheeler farm. She was so scared of the animals! We really should have thought out our game plan a little better. we started with the horses and that was a bad route. we should have worked our way up! She was really nervous just looking at them. she was terrifed of them (just like her dad!) and then Grandma Lissa fed it a carrot and she was so worried. She started crying because she was scared for her Grandma by that big scary animal! It was pretty cute that she wanted to protect Lissa.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I love surprises. who doesn't?! Every month I receive a package in the mail from Birchbox. it's like getting a present! as a working mother it's hard to find time to shop for beauty products and it's especially hard to try new things. but Birchbox is the perfect way to try new products for only $10 a month. Okay okay I know this sounds like a sponsored post but it's not! I just love getting a surprise pamper box in the mail every month! It's amazing. It comes with things like nail polish, perfume samples, face cream, hair products, style booklets, and lip gloss.  Sign up here!

Monday, October 15, 2012

those moments

There are moments being a wife and mother that melt my heart so much it's just ridiculously sappy. They make me stop and think how did I ever get so lucky? Like when I came home the other day and I heard Conrad's voice singing...  and singing loudly. I turned the corner and Olivia was standing in her saucer playing right next to the bathroom door which was wide open. Conrad was showering and singing A capella to her. I giggled a happy giggle and put my finger up to my mouth to Liv as if to tell her "shhh it's our secret... let's keep listening." I listened a little while longer and then let him know I was home. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I was keeping her company."
Okaaay cutest dad ever.

Olivia has such a big personality! She is curious and hyper and just a little go getter. She doesn't stop exploring the big world around her and I love that about her. While she was playing with my brother he asked me how early they can diagnose ADHD. HA I've got one wild child! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


dad is the funniest person in the world
the tag is the best part of every toy and/or blanket
it's impossible to sit still through a diaper change;there's too much to do
pterodactyl scream!
2 pearly white teeth and mad army crawling skills
proud owner of her own room 
the washer is the coolest thing in the house... make that the world
most curious, hyper, little thing. and of course the most loved.

Friday, August 24, 2012

weird emotions in weird situations

everyone is complaining about school starting back up.
i'm complaining that i'm not going back.
i'm dreaming about color coordinating things with highlighters, organizing syllabis, buying a 5 subject notebook and a couple over sized textbooks. you think i'm kidding? i'm not. i'm weird. my house, my car, and my life in general might be a mess 99% of the time but my school supplies/homework is freakishly organized. i was jealous of Conrad starting back up yesterday. i even asked him if i could organize his stuff.
weird emotion for weird situation number 2:
i smiled when i was doing laundry yesterday. who in their right mind smiles when doing laundry? i'm nuts. but being able to do laundry in my own apartment using a washer and dryer 10 times as nice as my old one brought a smile to my face.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

you say goodbye, I say hello

I'm going to miss living downtown.

but there are a few things that ease the pain of the transition. like umm an apartment twice the size, a dishwasher, a garbage disposal, Livi's own room, huge bathroom, our own washer and dryer, closer to both work/school/parents', not having to deal with Tom Riddle as our landlord (yeah... Voldemort was our landlord and that's putting it nicely) not climbing the world's steepest, windiest stairs in the world everyday... just to name a few. Yup, i'm happy with apartment #2.



Sunday, August 12, 2012

1st year

As much as i wanted to steal this blog post from my cousin, Bonnie, and claim it as my own... I didn't. probably because my sister would call me out on it because she was the one that told me about it in the first place. but you should click on that link up there and read it because it is a good one.

Marriage is one of the most special things in the world.  It is amazing that two people can be so close and care for each other so much. They have common goals and work hard to acheive them together.  I don't think anyone understands another quite like a spouse. your whole life is shared with that special person. ... a room, a bed, a bank account, your family/children. all your imperfections are exposed and you are loved regardless.
last weekend Conrad and I celebrated our first year as a married couple.  although we are far from perfect we love each other so much. i think this next year is going to be even better. I know no marriage is perfect, but in my eyes my parents is and i hope to have an aged and selfless marriage like my parents have. they are so good for each other.
for our wedding gift last year conrad's grandparents gave us roman candles, napkins, and a table runner all of which were our wedding colors.  they gave us a sweet card that said they were to be used for our anniversary dinners every year. it's tradition. we used them for dinner that we made together last saturday night. I loved it; it really made it feel extra romantic and special.
happy anniversary c-rad. and many more to come.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Life Lately

Farmers market
Park City
24th of July
Bees game
Sitting up
Painted toe nails
family pictures
new bike

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

my dreamer

"There are dreamers and there are realists in this world. You’d think the dreamers would find the dreamers and the realists would find the realists, but more often than not, the opposite is true. You see the dreamers need the realists from keeping them from soaring too close to the sun… And the realists? Well without the dreamers, they might never get off the ground.”

Thanks for keeping me off the ground babe. I love you.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

nothing loved is ever lost

Although it was not under favorable circumstances we got to see Conrad's grandparents from Maine again this week AND I got to meet his Uncles, David and Rob.

A perfect celebration of Cal's life...

Gone Golfin

Don't think of him as gone away
his journey's just begun,
life holds so many facets
this earth is only one.

Just think of him as resting
from the sorrows and the tears
in a place of warmth and comfort
where there are no days and years.

Think how he must be wishing
that we could know today
how nothing but our sadness
can really pass away.

And think of him as living
in the hearts of those he touched...
for nothing loved is ever lost
and he was loved so much.

-Ellen Brenneman

We love and miss you Cal. You're in our hearts always.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Very Important People

[at least that's what our tickets said]

Last weekend our awesome friend Tim got us VIP tickets to the Arts Festival. We had so much fun eating, looking at the booths, and visiting with friends.  Tim carried around the diaper bag so everyone thought he was my baby daddy. He went along with it like a natural telling people how happy we are with our perfect little daughter. Ha!

My sister (click here to view her blog) Jana Lyn, and her husband, Cole, went to New York for a couple days so their 2 daughters stayed at my mom's house. I spent most of the weekend over there playing with Adelaide and Scarlett.

 Conrad and I took Adelaide and Milli swimming. We got an idea of what it would be like to have 2 kid.... lots of work but so fun!  (Hey maybe that will be us in 5 years?!)

After swimming I took the girls to get ice cream. I turned around after about 15 seconds of driving and they were both asleep! They both wanted to hold their own money to buy their ice cream and I told them if they lost it they wouldn't be able to get their ice cream. Adelaide was still holding it tight even in her sleep.