Sunday, October 28, 2012

fallin' for fall

This fall has been so much fun for us! Olivia is at such a fun age and she just cracks us up. I love this time of year and it is only going to get better. I've been so excited for Olivia's first Christmas and birthday. I am already done shopping for her and Conrad and it's only October!

Conrad spoiled me and took me to stay at the Cliff Lodge in Snowbird. His mom watched Olivia for the weekend and it was nice to have some alone time. there was a pool on top of the roof of our hotel overlooking Snowbird. it was so pretty! Then Lissa and Katy came up with Olivia on Sunday and we all went to Oktoberfest. It was so warm and nice! It was a great weekend. I hope to make it a tradition. I really loved it up there.

We took her to the farmer's market at Wheeler farm. She was so scared of the animals! We really should have thought out our game plan a little better. we started with the horses and that was a bad route. we should have worked our way up! She was really nervous just looking at them. she was terrifed of them (just like her dad!) and then Grandma Lissa fed it a carrot and she was so worried. She started crying because she was scared for her Grandma by that big scary animal! It was pretty cute that she wanted to protect Lissa.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I love surprises. who doesn't?! Every month I receive a package in the mail from Birchbox. it's like getting a present! as a working mother it's hard to find time to shop for beauty products and it's especially hard to try new things. but Birchbox is the perfect way to try new products for only $10 a month. Okay okay I know this sounds like a sponsored post but it's not! I just love getting a surprise pamper box in the mail every month! It's amazing. It comes with things like nail polish, perfume samples, face cream, hair products, style booklets, and lip gloss.  Sign up here!

Monday, October 15, 2012

those moments

There are moments being a wife and mother that melt my heart so much it's just ridiculously sappy. They make me stop and think how did I ever get so lucky? Like when I came home the other day and I heard Conrad's voice singing...  and singing loudly. I turned the corner and Olivia was standing in her saucer playing right next to the bathroom door which was wide open. Conrad was showering and singing A capella to her. I giggled a happy giggle and put my finger up to my mouth to Liv as if to tell her "shhh it's our secret... let's keep listening." I listened a little while longer and then let him know I was home. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I was keeping her company."
Okaaay cutest dad ever.

Olivia has such a big personality! She is curious and hyper and just a little go getter. She doesn't stop exploring the big world around her and I love that about her. While she was playing with my brother he asked me how early they can diagnose ADHD. HA I've got one wild child! I wouldn't have it any other way.