Friday, May 16, 2014

Mexican Riviera cruise March 2014

Day 3  [Cabo San Lucas]
We didn't have that long in Cabo so we just spent the day at the beach.

A rare picture of our whole group!
I got these maracas for Olivia. Conrad got so mad that I didn't bargain them down another dollar. He talked about it for days; he is such a salesman! 

 Day 4  [Mazatlan]
Mazatlan was probably my favorite port. We rented ATVs and scooters and cruised around the city. We found a secluded beach and ate delicious Mexican food right there on the beach. We also rented boogie boards and played in the Ocean.

Cute Kiki and Mariah!

The hotel the Mexican drug lord, El Chapo, was captured at a couple weeks before we were there. Notice the guy on the top with a huge gun?! 

All the girls!

hiiii cutie! 

 Day 5  [Puerto Vallarta]
Our third and final port. This was another one of my favorite days! We did zip lines; it was so cool! At the end we rode mules back to our car.  Mine was so old I seriously thought it was going to die while I was on it.

Best guacamole ever! I've been dreaming about it ever since.

[all other days & nights at sea]

These Asian ladies were hilarious!

love these girls!