Thursday, June 28, 2012

Great Grands & the zoo

"Family is not the most important thing...
it's the only important thing!"
-Grandpa Merrill

Maybe it's because I never got to meet either one of my grandpas (my dad's dad died when my dad was 12 and my mom's dad died years before I was born) but I found myself soaking up every second that Grandpa Merrill was in Utah. He is the perfect mix of silly and sweet. You know just how grandpas are supposed to be? He teases and hugs and calls you love and even  holds the door open. You know the things that grandpas are supposed to do?  He calls Grandma Jean "sweetness" and they link arms when they walk. I love that kind of aged love.

Grandparents are the best. Maybe it's because they have lived long enough to learn what is really important in life. Just being around them makes you happy.  We took Olivia to the zoo for the first time while they were in town.  I was such a Grandma Jean hog at the zoo. I couldn't help it though! She is just adorbable. I loved all the little boy Conrad stories and flattery she fed to me all day.


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