Friday, August 24, 2012

weird emotions in weird situations

everyone is complaining about school starting back up.
i'm complaining that i'm not going back.
i'm dreaming about color coordinating things with highlighters, organizing syllabis, buying a 5 subject notebook and a couple over sized textbooks. you think i'm kidding? i'm not. i'm weird. my house, my car, and my life in general might be a mess 99% of the time but my school supplies/homework is freakishly organized. i was jealous of Conrad starting back up yesterday. i even asked him if i could organize his stuff.
weird emotion for weird situation number 2:
i smiled when i was doing laundry yesterday. who in their right mind smiles when doing laundry? i'm nuts. but being able to do laundry in my own apartment using a washer and dryer 10 times as nice as my old one brought a smile to my face.

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