Friday, November 1, 2013


[As of August 5, 2013]

for our 2 year anniversary we spent the weekend up at The Homestead in Midway. It was so peaceful! It was the first vacation that we've ever been on as just the 3 of us. We spent a lot of time at the pool, enjoying the scenery and most of all each other.

We ate Breakfast at a restaurant right by the golf course. SO PRETTY!

Have you seen the Crater up there?! IT'S AMAZING. it's a natural hot spring surrounded by a rock dome. It stays a warm 96 degrees all year long and is absolutely beautiful. 

For our wedding Conrad's grandparents gave us a gift we can use every anniversary. It has become our tradition to sit down and eat together with our special napkins, table runner, and roman candles. I love it! I forgot to take a picture while we had it set up this year so I just have this picture from after. Notice the pretty flowers Conrad had delivered to my work  :) 

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